Overcoming chronic pain

Having ongoing long-term and permanent discomfort resulting from surgery following an accident, I completed a course of hypnotherapy sessions with Kay. I can’t thank you enough Kay for the change it has made to me in terms of the way I now think and deal with my issue. The techniques I have learnt from the sessions continue to help me feel good about life and have relegated my issue from being my overriding number one concern. Once again, thank you so much Kay.

I’ve lost 26lbs!

I no longer have a compulsion to over eat. I felt I needed some more direction on how much to eat so I have combined hypnotherapy with a calorie counting app with realistic goals. I’m eating what I feel like and losing 1-2 lbs a week. Not weighing myself more than once a month and I’ve lost about 26lbs! Feeling great and that this is something I can keep up long term as it’s not restrictive at all. Before hypnotherapy, I would be obsessed with it, but now I’m not. I eat healthily with treats here and there. But also my tastes have changed and I’ve realised I don’t really like very sweet things. It’s all been very positive thank you!


More rational behaviour

My 13 year old son has so far had a short course of hypnotherapy with Kay and he has enjoyed every session with her due to both her beautiful tranquil treatment room and her lovely nature.
We have seen an improvement in the areas we were hoping to see improvement in and he is showing more rational behaviour towards his phobias, which is a great start.
We hope he will continue to improve in this way over time if we continue to put the work in with Kay’s help and encouragement. Thank you Kay!